JCID V1S Pro NAND Programmer HDD SN Data Read Write
JCID V1S Pro NAND Programmer HDD SN Data Read Write
JCID V1S Pro NAND Programmer HDD SN Data Read Write
JCID V1S Pro NAND Programmer HDD SN Data Read Write


JCID V1S Pro NAND Programmer HDD SN Data Read Write

Sale price$269.99
Type:V1S Pro
V1S Pro NAND Programmer is compatible with old modules of PRO1000S and adaptors V1SE, with unlimited possibilities for function expansion, a redefined programmer belongs to JCID with multi-function in one.

  • iPhone 12-13 rear camera read-write module, one key unbind, replace the large camera at will, no pop-up window
  • Supports screen display and touch tests of iPhone and Android full series
  • "Dual" operation of standalone touch screen and computer online, just connect to mobile phone to achieve
  • "Dual" Functions Of Detection And Read-write
  • "Dual" support of four iPhone NAND flashes read write and unbind
  • "Dual" guarantee, support TF card expansion, unlimited capacity
  • "Dual" combination of mobile connection + module operation
  • "Dual" upgrade of WiFi networking OTA+connect to JCID Repair

  1. Far ahead with the upgrade performance, two-in-one design, and more amazing experience will exceed your expectations
  2. Leading NAND flash technology: "Zero" fault on the read & write and code checking, swift operation
  3. A deeply integrated solution, whether it is BGA110 or BGA315, all functions can be realized by replacing a NAND flash holder
  4. No need for a computer, networking through WiFi to do NAND SYSCFG R&W, code checking, accessories unbinding, etc.
  5. Wifi Bluetooth OTA upgrade, 5G dual-mode!
  6. Worried about insufficient memory? TF card without capacity limitation
  7. More powerful than a computer, support functions including mobile restore and inspect, mobile purple screen without disassembling, jailbreak, mobile faults detection, etc

  1. Compatible to iPhone 6-14 Pro Max BGA315 BGA110 BGA70 BGA60(32/64bit) NAND memory chip read and write formatting
  2. DFU purple screen without disassembly for iPhone 6-X, iPad, and iPod
  3. Unbinding WiFi without restoring
  4. Modify the syscfg data
  5. Read and write iPhone screen information, one-click repair iPhone true tone
  6. Read and write iPhone battery information and fix it with one click, calibrate battery health data, and solve battery pop-up problems
  7. Read and write the iPhone fingerprint serial number and fix it with one click
  8. Read and write iPhone dot projector data, and fix iPhone Face ID issues

Expansion Modules
  1. BGA70 Module: For iPhone 6s-7 Plus NAND Flash
  2. BGA110 Module: For iPhone 8-13 Pro Max NAND Flash
  3. BGA315 Module: For iPhone 14 Series NAND Flash
  4. More modules will be released in the future...

  • Apple: iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • Android: Samsung/Xiaomi/HUAWEI/Vivo/OPPO/OnePlus

  • Brand: JCID
  • Model: V1S Pro
  • Name: iPhone NAND Programmer
  • Programmer Net Weight: 700g
  • Module Net Weight: 500g
  • Product Color: Blue