Battery maintenance for Apple phones will become more straightforward

Battery maintenance for Apple phones will become more straightforward

Reports suggest that Apple is testing a new type of adhesive that would make it easier to disassemble the phone battery, facilitating users to replace the battery themselves. There are reports indicating that this new adhesive may debut as early as the iPhone 16.

The batteries in Apple phones are components that are very difficult to repair, and ordinary users typically have to hand over their phones to Apple authorized repair centers for battery replacement.

To replace the battery in an Apple phone, a large number of other components need to be disassembled first to access the battery. During this process, users need to address the fixation of the adhesive, and even geek users with repair skills require special disassembly tools. Apple is now planning to simplify the difficulty of replacing batteries and is preparing to test this in a model within the iPhone 16 series. If it receives positive feedback from users, it will be extended to the iPhone 17 series.

Insiders reveal that this new technique involves electro-inductive adhesives for debonding, changing viscosity by passing electricity to facilitate easily removing the battery from inside the phone. Although disassembling the battery appears straightforward, the process of disassembling the phone to access the battery poses challenges. The leaker remains skeptical about the difficulty of replacing batteries in the new devices.

It is reported that Apple is implementing this technology due to pressure from the European Union. In July 2023, the Council of the European Union approved regulations ensuring that users can perform self-repairs on electronic devices, and operations such as battery replacement must be manageable for users.

Apple has announced the expansion of its self-repair program to 32 European countries, and factoring in the new adhesive as part of the self-repair program adequately meets the regulatory requirements of the European Union.