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SjtCAD software for M-Triangel Laser Machine

Stable version Laser Software Download

Beta version 2022-3-3E for fix red-light scan

Early version 2021-4-16A for fix red-light scan

For PG-pro/power+ 2022-11-21A


M-Triangle all drawings files download

Updated to 2021.6


iPhone backglass drawings files

Include all iPhone 6 - 14 series

iPhone 14 series files

iPhone 13 series files

Using iPhone protection mold is easier, Click here view detail

How to import drawing files, video >>


Product User's Manuals Download

Mi-ONE Laser Marking Machine

PG-oneS Laser Marking Machine

MG-oneS Laser Marking Machine

Z-ONE Laser Marking Machine

G-oneS Laser Marking Machine

MT-102 Lamination Machine

MT-103 Lamination Machine

MT-12 Lamination Machine

M1(Max) Defoaming Machine

M2(Max) Defoaming Machine

CP-150 Separator Machine

CP-201 Separator Machine

KO NO1 Lamination Machine

KO Series Laminator Installation Guide

CP-108 Alignment Tool

LWS-301 Laser Soldering Station


Other files download

Phone brand logo >>

More vector graphics >>

Product Catalog >>

EZCAD for MT Laser