How to avoid screen bubbles rebouncing?

How to avoid screen bubbles rebouncing?

How to prevent bubbles from rebounding after the screen glass is bonded? The problem of bubbles that cannot be completely removed and bubble rebound has always troubled mobile phone repairmen and seems to be an inevitable situation.

When you replace the outer glass of the display, it looks perfect, but a few days later customers complain that a little bubble comes back. Why is this happening?

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These are factors that can cause bubbles to rebound:

1. OCA glue quality is bad, most of the time it is because the OCA is too thin or the adhesion is not up to standard, causing the OCA to be unable to lock the bubbles. It is said that the best OCA manufacturers at present are Mitsubishi and TMS. When you purchase a glass cover with OCA glue, it is recommended to know the quality of OCA. It is best to purchase some OCA film separately.

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2. Improper pasting of glass. The air was locked in the display screen before laminating, making it impossible to extract vacuum. If there are bubbles larger than 5mm left in the glass after laminating, you will have to rework it.

3. The old OCA glue has not been cleaned, especially the places where ICs and cables are connected must be cleaned thoroughly and kept flat.

Finally, in order to reduce the chance of bubble rebound, it is best to use a UV curing lamp for 5 minutes after laminating, it is useful for most OCA glues.

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