Which M-Triangel laser machine is the best quality?

Which M-Triangel laser machine is the best quality?

PG-oneS, MG-oneS, G-oneS, Z-one, Mi-one Which laser machine is the best?

M-Triangel brand laser machine is professionally designed for cell phone repair and is the best choice for removing iPhone back glass, the popular models are PG-oneS, MG-oneS, G-oneS, Z-one, Mi-one, let's find out what's the difference between them.

PG-oneS and MG-oneS are the earliest and best-selling laser machines, and you can find them in many cell phone repair stores. They are similar in appearance, PG-oneS has a small computer built in, the main unit looks bigger than MG-oneS and comes with a keyboard and mouse, so it's a bulkier package, but it's still the most popular product. PG-oneS also offers an optional 20W laser for longer life and faster rear glass separation, so it's recommended to choose PG-oneS 20W for a good budget.

G-oneS is looks the same as MG-oneS, need external computer to control. G-oneS is larger in size and can be equipped with Raycus 30W laser, with more firepower, more suitable for engraving steel, copper, aluminum and other metals. In comparison, the MG-oneS is the entry-level laser marking machine with better cost performance.

Z-one and Mi-one are portable laser markers with aluminum housing, which makes the weight light. The Z-one uses automatic metering and focusing technology to make operation easier, while the Mi-one uses dual red spot focusing technology, which requires turning the knob on the column to make the two red spots overlap to complete focus. From a focusing perspective, the Z-one is clearly better than the Mi-one, but the Mi-one laser is cheap, making it a great entry-level marker for the price.

All in all, as a laser machine for repairing cell phones, PG-oneS, MG-oneS, G-oneS, Z-one, Mi-one are all the right choices. From a practical point, the I believe that the PG-oneS should be the first consideration, followed by the MG-oneS and Z-one, and if a more powerful laser is needed, the G-oneS should undoubtedly be chosen.