M-Triangel  LCD Screen Separator Machine
M-Triangel  LCD Screen Separator Machine
M-Triangel  LCD Screen Separator Machine
M-Triangel  LCD Screen Separator Machine


CP-201 LCD Screen Separator Machine

Sale price$39.99


CP-201 LCD separator machine, built-in large suction pump, and using double-layer copper plate design, faster and more uniform heating, and aluminum alloy shell makes it sturdy and durable. It is a cost-effective and compact phone screen refurbishing tools, suitable for 7 inches phone screen crack repair.


  1. Double-layer copper plate, heating faster and more evenly
  2. Aluminum alloy shell, sturdy and durable
  3. Built-in miniature large suction pump, low noise, no need for external fixture
  4. Safety power insurance system to avoid leakage problems
  5. Anti-static body material to prevent LCD and cables from being damaged by static electricity
  6. One-key start, manual separation
  7. Optimum operating temperature is 80°C to 100°C.
  8. Compatible with LCD or LED screen assembly


  • Equipment power supply: AC220V / AC110V
  • Equipment power: 300 W
  • Operating temperature: 80°C recommended, 120°C maximum
  • Heating mode: constant temperature heating
  • Production efficiency: manual cutting
  • Production efficiency: 30 / hour
  • Applicable size: ≤7 inches
  • Equipment size: 320 * 180 * 128 mm
  • Gross weight: 4 kg


Standard Package Content:

  • 1 x CP-201 7 inches Screen Separator
  • 1 x 7 inch separator silicone pad
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x Cardboard box
  • 1-year warranty

Note: The separator is not equipped with diamond wire, please purchase it separately, click here>>


Note: plug and voltage, we will adapt it according to your shipping address, if you have special requirements, please leave us a message.

MT CP-201 LCD Screen Separator Machine