PG pro Back Glass Laser Machine
PG pro Back Glass Laser Machine
PG pro Back Glass Laser Machine
PG pro Back Glass Laser Machine
PG pro Back Glass Laser Machine
PG pro Back Glass Laser Machine


PG pro Back Glass Laser Machine

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Model:PG pro

The PG pro/power+ is a cutting-edge back glass separation laser machine. It features a one-piece closed design, intelligent auto-focus capabilities, an integrated large-screen computer, software, and come with a smoke extractor, delivering a completely new user experience.


  1. Built-in Smoke Extraction System: Effectively removes pollutants generated during operation, ensuring a clean and comfortable working environment.
  2. Integrated WiFi Module: Enables seamless internet access at any time, facilitating remote operations and data synchronization.
  3. Large-Screen Design: Comes with comprehensive software for an intuitive and user-friendly interface, boosting work efficiency.
  4. Visual Auto-Focus System: Enables one-button focusing for quick and precise adjustments, simplifying the operation process.
  5. One-Piece Closed Design: Ensures safe usage and prevents accidental contacts or damage.
  6. Upgraded Fiber Lasers: Provides higher efficiency and longer lifespan, enhancing the quality and speed of work.
  7. Supports iPhone 8~15 Pro Max Back Cover Repair: With free template updates, it caters to the evolving needs of the repair industry.

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  • Model: ML08
  • Laser type: fiber laser
  • PG pro laser power: 8w
  • PG pro+ laser power: 20w
  • Machine power: 800w
  • Marking depth :0.015-0.5mm
  • Cooling method: Built-in air cooling
  • Marking area: 175*175mm2
  • Marking line width: 0.05-0.01 mm
  • Laser wave length: 1064nm
  • Filter method: built-in fume extractor
  • Equipment size: 275*295*461.5 mm3
  • Packing size: 355*375*580 mm3
  • Net weight: 21.5KG


Packing list

  • 1 x PG-pro laser machine
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x USB Amplifier
  • 1 x Transparent ruler
  • 2 x Correction paper
  • 1 x Computer keyboard
  • 1 x Computer mouse