Type-C PD USB Tester DC Digital Voltmeter
Type-C PD USB Tester DC Digital Voltmeter
Type-C PD USB Tester DC Digital Voltmeter


Type-C PD USB Tester DC Digital Voltmeter

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This product does not display the maximum current of the charger, but the charging current of your mobile phone. The charger can output 20V5A, which does not mean that your mobile phone can reach 20V5A charging. The meter shows that the charging current is the actual charging current of the mobile phone.

The power marked on the charger is the maximum power, and the power displayed on this watch is the actual current charging power, which are completely different! If you want to test the maximum charging power, please plug in the fast charging protocol decoy device and loader for the output of the meter to reach the maximum power displayed
The capacity tested by this meter is the capacity under the current voltage. If it is the capacity under other voltages, it needs to be converted before it can be the nominal capacity under the internal voltage of 3.7V in the power bank.



  • Voltage measuring range : 3.6V~32.0V Resolution Precision : 0.01V
  • Current measuring range : 0.00~5.10A Resolution Precision : 0.01A Maximum test current 6.5A
  • Capacity cumulative range: : 0~99999mAh Resolution Precision : 0.001Ah
  • Power cumulative range : 0~999999mWh Resolution Precision : 0.001Wh
  • Power metering range : 000.00~150.00 W Resolution Precision : 0.01W
  • Impedance Measuring range : 1~999.9Ω Resolution Precision : 0.1Ω
  • Temperature Measuring Range : 0~80℃ Resolution Precision : 1℃ Maximum
  • Timing Measuring range : 999Hours 59Minutes 59 Seconds Resolution Precision : 1s
  • USB D+ Voltage Range : 0V~2.999V Resolution Precision : 0.001V
  • USB D- Voltage Range : 0V~2.999V Resolution Precision : 0.001V
  • Time to refresh : 500mS/ times
  • Measurement rate : 0.5 times/s
  • Alarm Mode : Display Hints
  • Product size : 61mm x 68mm x 10.8mm
  • Self-consumable flow : <0.02A
  • Working temperature : -10~+60℃
  • Working humidity: : 10~80(no doubt)
  • Pressure of work : 80~106kPa
  • Certificate: RoHS, CE

Key operation instructions
  1. Short press the button to switch the screen,
  2. Quickly double-click the capacity(mAH) to clear zero ,
  3. Quickly three-click the electric quantity( WH) to clear zero,
  4. Quickly four-click time to clear zero,
  5. Quickly five-click is to change the cumulative data storage group number (NO.X, 10 groups of data),
  6. Long press button the capacity and power time to clear all at once,
  7. In the (Screen rotation) interface, long press the button to rotate the screen;
  8. When the short key is pressed to the over voltage(>35.0V), low voltage(<3.00V) and over current(>8.00A) setting interface, the value can be adjusted by quickly double-clicking(+ add) or quickly three-clicking(- reduce).
  9. Restore factory settings: click the button to switch to the off-screen interface, long press the button to enter the product background, select reset to restore the factory settings! (Note: Please don't calibrate the voltage or current if without standard instruments)