How screen bubble remover machine works

How screen bubble remover machine works

Do you know the principle of bubble remover machine? Bubble remover is also called autoclave bubble remover, you can understand that it is like an autoclave. Different industries use different bubble removers, and principle of the bubble remover is different. Most people know the principle of the bubble remover is high pressure work, is through the air compressor to the bubble remover pressurization, through the high pressure will be the screen within the bubble squeeze out, but the LCD screen bubble remover principle is not the case.

The OCA bubble remover works by needing to pressurize the bubble remover cylinder through the air compressor, but not by squeezing out the air bubbles inside the mobile screen through high pressure. However, the high pressure inside the bubble remover is how to squeeze the air bubbles out of the screen? In fact, the high pressure work of the bubble removal machine is not to squeeze out the bubbles in the screen, but through the high pressure of the screen bubbles and OCA adhesive to achieve fusion, so that the bubbles disappear in the screen.

Perhaps you will have questions: if the bubble and OCA adhesive in the case of high pressure fusion, it will not be easy to bounce back? he main reason for the rebound of the bubble is the bad quality of the OCA adhesive, the poor quality of the adhesive, the more impurities will exist, will cause the bubble or bubble rebound in addition to the bubble, so try to choose the OCA adhesive in the choice of OCA adhesive better quality OCA adhesive, and adhesive thickness in 200um or 250um, in order to ensure the effect of bubble removal.


Three major elements of debubbling.

  1. Temperature (35-45 ℃): to increase the fluidity, flexibility and viscosity of the OCA adhesive.
  2. Pressure (0.65-0.7MPa): accelerate the flow of OCA adhesive, increase the internal pressure of the cavity.Defoaming pressure
  3. Time (1-10min): make the glue flow continuously and catalyze the bubbles to dissolve into the glue

 Note: 7 bar = 0.7 MPa ≈ 101 PSI


Time, temperature, pressure, the three major elements of debubbling, increase the fluidity and flexibility of the glue and generate the appropriate squeezing pressure, catalyze the air to dissolve into the OCA to remove the residual air. The residual air is not removed or disappeared, but only diffused to the OCA surface and integrated into the OCA.