How to fix auto focus when laser is weak?

How to fix auto focus when laser is weak?

What is focal length?

As the picture shown, from the center of the convex lens to the point where the light converges. The length between this is the focal length, and the position of convergence is the focal point. The focal length of any convex lens is fixed. The laser can only reach the maximum power and effect when it is in the focal position. Therefore, if the position of object B changes, the entire convex lens will also move relative to it to ensure that the focus is always on the surface of B. We're only using focal points, so the definition of focal length doesn't have to be that serious. Just make sure to use the same height value. So the two dotted lines that represent the focal length in the figure are fine, and you can also find another location as a starting point. To find the focal point, we just need to adjust the lift of the convex lens.

focus length


How does M-Triangel autofocus work?

It does autofocus with probes and triggers. A small iron piece is locked on the probe. When the iron piece moves to the position of the sensor, it will trigger the red light of the sensor, the focus indicator will light up and stop the motor response.

How to Calibrate the Focal Length of an M-Triangel Laser?

The focal length of the autofocus laser machine has been set at the factory, and the focal length label is attached to the back of the laser machine. The label number shown in the picture is the focal length of this laser machine.

focus tag

To adjust the focal length, we just need to adjust the position of the iron plate.

1. Raise the ruler to find the numerical position of the label.
2. Move the laser head and stop when the middle line of the galvanometer reaches the position of the label value.

Measuring distance

3. Adjust the position of the iron sheet so that it triggers the sensor and the indicator light is on.
4. Lock the position of the iron piece, the work is completed

lock focuslock focus

The focal length label is missing, how do I find the focal length?

1. Lower the laser head to the lowest position.
2. Put the marking card in the work area and start marking, pay attention to reduce the speed and try to make the marking time last as long as possible.
3. Press the up button to raise the laser head and observe the brightness of the laser. When the laser emits the brightest white light, it is the best focal length.
4. After the laser head stops at the position of the best focal length, adjust the position of the trigger iron to make the indicator light on.
5. Lock the position of the iron piece, and the work is completed.
find focus