What is the screen structure &advantages?

What is the screen structure &advantages?

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The common cell phone screen has two materials, LCD and OLED. LCD is controlled by liquid crystal RGB three colors through the ratio to control the level of light, the display has a backlight behind. OLED is each pixel point will be its own light.

Because LCD always has a backlight, so the display of black can only liquid crystal layer does not transmit light, although theoretically possible, in fact, there is still some light transmission, resulting in LCD display black is not so black. In addition, due to the backlight layer, the LCD screen today will generally appear around the brightness higher than the middle area, this situation is commonly called light leakage. There used to be very few models of equipment will appear around the dark, the middle bright (such as ipad Air). OLED because each pixel luminous, display black when the direct non-luminous can, there will be no light leakage. But also because of this, OLED long time to display the same thing will lead to screen aging, commonly known as burning screen, LCD will not.

In addition, the LCD is squeezed after the inner screen polarizer will be deformed, resulting in bright spots or black spots.

OLED by the extrusion may be direct leakage of liquid scrap.

Summary: the advantages of OLED: display black more pure, will not leak light.
  • OLED disadvantages: easy to burn screen
  • LCD advantages: the screen life is long, not easy to burn screen
  • LCD disadvantages: black is not pure, easy to leak light