Apple started to use back glass design from iPhone 8, the new design makes iPhone signal improved, and supports wireless charging, and makes iPhone look more beautiful. But also the back glass is easy to break, and the traditional manual removal of the back glass is very time-consuming and laborious, making the cost of replacing the back glass very high.
M-Triangel offers a solution for separating the iPhone back glass with a laser machine, making it easy and time-saving to replace the back glass.

Back Glass Separator Machine


The best-selling machine, comes with a small computer and software, optional 8W and 20W


Popular laser marking machine, the laser has been upgraded 8W, support iPhone 11 and later


Visual autofocus, built-in large LCD computer, fume extractor, WiFi module, can be closed work area


30W high laser power, auto focus, multi-purpose application, repair iPhone back glass faster

Supporting Tools

Fume extractor

Absorbs fumes and removes glue odors to keep studio air fresh

Fixture with opener

Universal cell phone holder, fixture, swivel and adjustable in size

Stainless steel pry bar

Professional cell phone repair pry bar, make the glass removal easier

Glass breaking pen

Easy to break back glass, making glass removal safer and easier

Back cover mould

The mold can protect the key parts of the iPhone without disassembly

Camera protective cover

Suitable for all iPhones, make glue removal more thorough

Pressure holding mold

Strong magnetic attraction, making glue bonding stronger and easier

Glass Consumables

Back glass for iPhone 8-11

A+ quality back glass for iPhone8-11 series replacement

Back glass for iPhone12-14

A+ quality, thousands of positive reviews