How To Remove Bubbles From LCD Glass

How To Remove Bubbles From LCD Glass

How to completely remove the air bubbles in the screen glass cover?
It can easily remove the air bubbles left behind by the OCA laminating machine by using the autoclave bubble remover. The principle of the bubble remover is to place the LCD screen in a sealed space and then inflate it to squeeze out the bubbles in the LCD screen through the pressure of the gas. But there are exceptions, sometimes there will be ineffective elimination of bubbles.

LCD bubble

To perfectly replace the screen glass without leaving behind bubbles, we must do a good job in the preliminary work. To completely get rid of the bubbles in the screen, then we must first choose a good quality OCA adhesive and a good glass cover. When laminating OCA and glass because of improper operation, then it is also easy to lead to the back of the bubble removal machine in addition to the bubble. In the time of lamination there are two issues to pay attention to, one is in the paste OCA can not have dust and can not be stained with fingerprints, the second is laminating to the OCA after tearing the glue to pay attention to not bring up the OCA, otherwise it is easy to cause the back of the bubble removal in addition to the problem.

OCA sheet

When the above are ready, the next is the equipment parameters are set, the general machine pressure parameters is the temperature and time, the temperature is set at about 40 ℃, the time in 30S, to ensure that the bubble removal more thoroughly, you can appropriately increase the working time. Finally you can ensure that the cell phone screen bubble completely removed.