Quickly convert picture to a .dxf vector graphics

Quickly convert picture to a .dxf vector graphics

Vector graphics can achieve image lossless output, and it is the best choice to use vector graphics for laser marking. Pictures are easy to find, but vector graphics are difficult to handle, so how to convert pictures to vector graphics?

Materials we need to prepare:
Image without background color, Adobe illustrator


1. Import the picture without background color into illustrator

2. Select the image, click menu: Object >> image Trace >> Make and expand

Now the image has been successfully converted into a vector

3. Right-click the image, select Ungroup, and then delete the blank part, leaving the part that needs to be marked.

4. Experiment with fill colors to make sure the graph is complete

5. Select the image and export the image to .dxf format.

In this way, we have completed the picture-to-consideration diagram, and finally opened it with the marking software to test whether it was successful.