How to Replace the Laser Source

How to Replace the Laser Source

The laser generator or laser source of the laser marking machine consists of a laser, 2 power cords, a yellow optical fiber and a cylindrical beam expander. These three are a whole and cannot be broken down. When installing the laser source, please pay attention to the yellow fiber and do not bend it sharply.

Laser source

The following are replacement steps and precautions, taking PG-oneS as an example

1. Prepare the hexagonal wrench and Phillips screwdriver to disassemble the machine.

2. Remove the iron shell and cable bushing on the top, then untie the cable ties and remove the laser beam expander. Note that there is no need to disassemble the vibrating head.

3. Remove the cable and power cable connected to the laser, and remove the screws that fix the laser cooling system.

4. Take the old laser source assembly out of the case and remove the bracket.

5. Fit the brackets to the new laser sources and install them back into the enclosure.

6. Connect the flex and power cables in the original order and install the top half of the machine back.

7. Install the laser beam expander and fix the cables. Note that please carefully remove the protective cover of the beam expander and protect the optical fiber cables.

The above is the laser replacement method of the M-Triangel laser marking machine.