LCD screen repair must have machines

LCD screen repair must have machines

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Tip: This is just an introduction, if you are a cell phone repair master, ignore this article.

Cell phone repair industry is currently a popular industry, we can find a variety of cell phone repair stores near the market. As a cell phone repair industry there is one of the most popular business in these years, is the cell phone broken screen repair, it is low investment costs, but lucrative. Here to briefly introduce for you is the phone broken screen repair in the end need some which equipment.

Cell phone burst screen repair is a series of processing, not a device can be done, it is the need for a whole set of related machines, the main equipment are separation machine, vacuum laminating machine, bubble removal machine, in addition to the need for vacuum pumps and air compressors to do supporting. Perhaps you will feel that there is no way for small stalls to be placed, but if you accept this business, have to find a way to solve these problems.

Separation machine, is used to burst the screen apart, generally is the principle of heating fixed screen and produced.

Bubble removal machine is to squeeze the bubble on the cell phone LCD screen through high air pressure to disappear.

The most critical is the vacuum laminating machine, its start-up operation requires the use of vacuum pumps and air compressors to assist in order to operate properly. It plays a key role in whether a cell phone screen can be repaired properly, so you need to have a quality laminating machine.