3 steps paste OCA glue without bubbles

3 steps paste OCA glue without bubbles

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When pasting OAC adhesive, do you put it on the glass cover or on the LCD? The recommended practice by the M-Triangel team is to paste it on the display because it is convenient to cut the excess OCA adhesive. Also if you don't clean the excess OCA, it can easily cause the LCD edge to buckle.

1. Prepare tools
OCA glue, roller, dust detection light, blade (if you want to cut)

oca paste tool

 2. Clean up the screen
It is recommended to clean the dust on the LCD completely under the dust light.

clean LCD

3. Align the edges and paste.
It is important to align the OCA adhesive with the edge of the screen. Remember where the OCA and LCD are aligned, then peel off 1/2 protective film, align one corner of the LCD to stick, then stick the other corner, then press with the roller, pay attention to the even speed. If there is a little bubble after pasting, put the display into the high-pressure debubbling machine to remove the bubble. After there is no air bubble, you can laminate LCD with the glass cover.

roll oca