3 steps to separate the Edge LCD screen

3 steps to separate the Edge LCD screen

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With the maturity of curved screen technology, more and more high-end cell phones use curved screen, like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola and other flagship version of cell phones have applied curved screen. Curved screen glass repair market is big and profitable, but the repair is more difficult than flat screen. Mastering these steps will help you to improve the efficiency of repair.

Prepare tools and supplies
What are the tools and consumables: thin card, alcohol, diamond wire (0.35mm), brush, film rollers, cutting machine, heating separator.

Step 1. Remove the frame
First heat the screen to 80℃-90℃, then put alcohol or frame removal water drops on the edge of the battery compartment, use the thin card to insert the thin sheet from the edge of the battery compartment and then slowly slice it open.


  • (1)  in order to avoid cutting the row of wires, the card at the row of wires can not stretch too deep, 2-3 mm recommended.
  • (2)  to ensure that the card above the wire will not cut the wires, you can slightly lift the card up a little.
  • (3)  pay attention to the electronic capacitor near the wires, slightly lift the card up a little to separate smoothly.

 Remove frame

Step 2. Separate the glass
In the separation machine to heat the screen and drops of alcohol, heating temperature can be adjusted to 90 ℃, in addition, in order to avoid broken glass damage to the inner screen, it is recommended to try to clean up the broken glass fragments, especially the edge location. In order to reduce the force area, it is recommended that the two sides are not separated at the same time, first one side and then the other side. After the screen is evenly heated can use the diamond wire separation, inserted into the wire the first step is very important, be sure to carefully check the direction of the wire to avoid going to the wrong layer, in addition, there is attention to the following points.

  • (1) the screen has just been inserted into the line when the magnitude of the pull back and forth can not be too large.
  • (2) because the screen is seriously broken can easily cut to the polarized layer, so the wire can not be strong separation when pulling, the force should be uniform, along with the screen to pull the wire.
  • (3) the bezel wire can not always press down, the line should be kept straight, so as not to strain the screen or polarized light
  • 4) The point is, whether the wire is from left to right or from right to left, it must come out from one end instead of pulling out together.

inserting wire
Step 3. Remove the glue
Before clearing the glue must be cleaned off the screen surface of the broken glass, and then use the roll of glue stick slowly clean, it should be noted that as far as possible to keep the roll of glue stick clean. After cleaning then use 520 cleaner to soak the screen evenly for a minute or so, and then wipe the screen with a nano sponge to clean.