What is a laser welding station

What is a laser welding station

M-Triangel released a small laser soldering station, in the test video we can see that it is very convenient and friendly for mobile phone motherboard repair.

Working principle

There are many types of lasers. The M-Triangel LWS-301 laser welding machine uses a 915±5nm infrared semiconductor laser with a power of 30 watts. It belongs to the near-infrared band and has a good thermal effect. Its unique beam uniformity and laser energy continuity have a significant effect on the uniform heating and rapid heating of the pad. It has high welding efficiency, precise control of the welding position, and consistent solder joints. Excellent advantages, very suitable for precision welding of small and micro electronic components, complex structure circuit boards and PCB boards and other small and complex structural parts.

What kind of pads are suitable for laser soldering station?

Laser absorption comparison of different metal pads

Laser absorption comparison of different metal pads
  1. Gold-plated pad: The gold-plated surface is not easy to oxidize, and it is most suitable for laser soldering
  2. Silver-plated pad: the silver-plated surface is not easy to oxidize, suitable for laser soldering
  3. Tin-plated pad: tin-plated and tin belong to the same material, with good welding wettability, suitable for laser soldering (to prevent tin from being oxidized in the air for a long time)
  4. Copper/nickel pads: copper/nickel pads are easy to be oxidized in the air and have poor wettability. At the same time, laser heating will accelerate the oxidation. You can try laser solder paste welding
  5. Iron/aluminum/stainless steel pads: These types of pads do not stick to tin, and laser soldering is not recommended