What are the laser machines can mark on glass?

What are the laser machines can mark on glass?

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With the progress of the times, the style of glass is more and more, the use of laser engraving and marking machine for processing custom glass, can be greater display of personalization, to achieve a high-precision level of engraving. Glass is a fragile product, so in the engraving can not produce excessive force, or it will lead to broken glass. So, what are the laser marking machines that can code on glass?

Laser marking machine engraving glass, more expressive of the texture of the glass, engraving out of the pattern more vivid. The traditional technique of marking glass for centuries, unfortunately, this method has many defects, the mechanical force exerted by the engraving tool will make the glass produce fine cracks, easy to cause small chips and debris, as the glass is particularly easy to break, it has been difficult to use the traditional engraving method at this time.

Currently, there are two types of engraving on glass, one is CO2 laser marking equipment and the other is UV laser marking equipment. Pulse and spot size are important parameters for laser marking on glass. This is because shorter laser pulses can limit the heat flow to a smaller area of diffusion. Although glass absorbs excimer laser wavelengths and thus can be used for glass marking, the use of masks prevents the real-time generation of 2D bar codes.

CO2 laser markers and UV laser markers use a non-contact process that avoids the problem of fine cracks and chips. Suitable for laser marking on glass are CO2 laser markers with an output wavelength of 10.6μm and quadruple frequency UV laser markers with a wavelength of 266m.

Can fiber laser machine do glass?
No, it can't., neither can the reinforced glass, the wavelength of the fiber machine is 1064nm. In addition, the fiber marking machine can't concentrate light on the glass.