What are the features PG Pro Back Glass Removal Laser Machine

What are the features PG Pro Back Glass Removal Laser Machine

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Removing iPhone back glass with laser machine is a high efficiency repair method. However, when laser machine is burning a iPhone back glass, the burning glue will produce unpleasant smoke gas, so smoke purifier is a very needed equipment. PG Pro fiber laser machine is the latest fully enclosed back glass separator from M-Triangel to solve the problem of unpleasant smoke.

PG pro laser machine with large screen computer and optical autofocus function, comes with the latest version of sjt tech-cloud software, and built-in fume extractor, the machine weight 21.5KG, compared to the previous laser machine, easier to operate, stylish appearance, also save transportation costs. Operation is divided into three steps, one-key to automatically focus, then do a red light preview target, close the door after one-key to start marking, just wait a few minutes to complete, no need to worry about the smell of smoke, no need to buy additional smoke removal machine.

The PG Pro laser power is 8w, support iPhone8 ~ iPhone13 promax back glass separation, free software upgrade, support the latest iPhone14 series back glass repair. PG Pro+ model is a upgrade version with 20w laser, more durable and more efficient in removing back cover glue

PG Pro is currently in the preparation stage of mass production and will be available soon, if interested please keep an eye on our online store for new arrivals.

Product parameters:

  • Machine power: <800w
  • Marking area: 175*175mm
  • Laser wave length: 1064nm
  • Cooling method: Built-in aircooling
  • Filter method: built-in fume extractor
  • Software: SeaCAD SJT Tech-cloud
  • Equipment size: 275*295*462(mm)
  • Packing size: 355*375*580(mm)
  • Equipment weight: 21.5KG
  • Gross weight :23kg