M-Triangel CP-150 LCD Screen Separator Machine
CP-150 15" LCD Screen Separator
M-Triangel CP-150 LCD Screen Separator Machine
M-Triangel CP-150 LCD Screen Separator Machine
M-Triangel CP-150 LCD Screen Separator Machine


CP-150 15" LCD Screen Separator

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M-Triangel CP-150 heating plate LCD separator machine built in big suction vacuum pump, suitable for touch mobile phones and iPad tablet cracked LCD separating within 15 inches

  1. More convenient : This newly upgraded screen separator has a built-in high suction vacuum pump, which not only gets rid of traditional clamps or screws, but also gets rid of the heavy vacuum pump. When repairing, you don't have to worry about whether the LCD monitor can be fixed.
  2. Large heating platform: Double heating unit and double aluminum workbench, heats up quickly and evenly, applied to iPad tablets up to 15", including mobile phones.
  3. Lowe noise: The previous suction pump has changed into a mini vacuum generator, and the generator inside works quietly.

 CP-150 feature

Product Features:

  1. Double-layer aluminum pate, faster and more uniform heating
  2. Stainless steel case, strong and durable
  3. Built-in large suction pump, low noise, eliminating the need for clamps or external suction pump connections.
  4. Safety power system inside, avoiding the electric leakage problem
  5. Anti-static body material, prevent the LCD and the flex cable being damaged from the static
  6. Easy to operate, manual separating
  7. Smooth metal plate to hold the touch screen without any damaged
  8. Temperature should be set to 80 centigrade to 100 centigrade
  9. Compatible for LCD and LED screen assembly
  10. Safety power system to avoid leakage
  11. Suitable for touch mobile phones and tablet and iPad LCD repair up to 15 inches



  • Model: CP-150
  • Power supply: AC110V/220V 500W
  • Heat panel size: 280 * 220 mm
  • Heating mode: Constant temperature heating
  • Recommended temperature: 80℃
  • Application size: up to 15"
  • Heating mode: PTC heating piece
  • Equipment size: 290 * 380 * 146 mm
  • Packing size: 450 * 350 * 230 mm
  • Net weight: 7.24 KG
  • Shipping weight: 9 KG


Packing list:

  • 1× CP-150 Screen Separator
  • 1× Silicone Pad (fewer holes)
  • 1× Silicone pad
  • 1-year warranty


Note: plug and voltage, we will adapt it according to your shipping address, if you have special requirements, please leave us a message.

MT CP-150 LCD Screen Separator Machine