Solution to completely eliminate OCA bubbles

Solution to completely eliminate OCA bubbles

Solutions to the bubbles that cannot be eliminated after screen lamination.
Maybe you have also faced the problem of air bubbles appearing after screen lamination, you have to rework, consume working time and materials, and even can't find the solution. How can we completely eliminate the bubbles after screen lamination? Pay attention to the following points to avoid the problem of bubbles after OCA lamination.

1. Purchase consumables

The quality of OCA film and glass cover consumables can easily lead to too many bubbles and incomplete bubble removal, so before buying consumables, it is recommended to buy multiple samples for testing and choose the best product. And in order to buy high quality consumables, you should pick the original assembly or famous manufacturer's source to ensure the product qualification rate and screen display effect. It seems that the most popular is Mitsubishi's OCA adhesive at present.

2. Clean up the residual glue
When dealing with the display, the residual glue should be well cleaned to prevent uneven screen tone and cause too many bubbles after pressing together.clean glue

3. Preparing to use the screen laminating machine
Before using the OCA laminating machine to paste the screen, OCA adhesive should be neatly pasted, there can be no obvious bubbles, and to avoid dust can not fall into the LCD. When placing the glass cover can not have too large an area of pre-gluing, can not stick too tight, otherwise the lamination effect is worse.

4. Laminating machine parameter settings
M-Triangel touch screen laminating machine using thermal laminating technology, so set the temperature of the laminating machine, the temperature can not be too high, the temperature is set at a constant temperature of 40 ℃ or less, otherwise it is easy to anti-bubble, the vacuum is located at -95Kpa.

laminating setting

5. Defoaming setting
After lamination using the bubble removal machine, bubble pressure control between 6-7 bar pressure, temperature constant temperature in 35 ~ 40 ℃, the time in 1-minute to 10 minutes, so that the best bubble removal effect, there will be no bubble rebound problem.

bubble remove pressure